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Alskrallura is a fantasy story set in medieval technology level, the stories are about the world of Alskrallura

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Alskrallura World[]

The Alskrallura world is surrounded by the life rafters this thick network of rafters surrounds the entire world, although you can not see it from ground in most spots because the bottom is covered with a thin fog called the serinean mist, light hits the top part of the rafters and is absorbed through photosynthesis, the living life rafters then emit the light from there branches especially at the bottom where the light coming down is the strength of day light, the upper canopies of the rafters and mostly dark or dim lighting, the life in the upper areas of the rafters is mostly insects as well as the draconians which build their cities on the large beams

Around the rafters where no life may live is the realm of Eruio, here the narmfs live as well as the souls of the dead, the Eruio is a lobby for the dead, where the souls may rest before their journey down and there life begins in another form