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This is a meta page for the Altverse universe and therefore, should be treated as out of character.

Altverse is a collaborative, invite-only geopolitical roleplaying project based on the real world with an alternative timeline. The primary divergence from the real world timeline and Altverse is the fact that the United States balkanized shortly after the conclusion of the American Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, which triggered the War of Contingency between the United States' successor, the United Commonwealth and several breakaway states (including the Northeast Union), as well as independent states (Brazoria and Sierra).

The project is dedicated to creating high-quality articles that are enjoyable to read and to fostering a community of like-minded contributors who enjoy creating fictitious countries with a passion and interested in geopolitics roleplaying.


The Altverse project is under the direct control of Conworlds Quality Control who exercise ultimate authority over all matters within the collaborative community. Complying to the rules of Altverse are necessary to ensure things run smoothly and that everything done is fair and in good faith. Naturally, there must be limitations and regulations on what can or cannot be allowed. By familiarizing yourself with the rules, it'll save the time to prevent any unnecessary personal confrontations, disputes, and headaches. By joining and participating Altverse, you are agreeing to abide to the rules and face the disciplinary consequences of any infractions attached to the rules. All prospective members of Altverse are strongly recommended to join and use Conworld's official Discord server (access here) for quicker, more reliable communication (with the added bonus of new friendships along the way).

List of collaborators



Italics denote active candidates/applicants.

†Members who do not control an active country but are nonetheless contributors to the project, by working for other players' countries.


As of March 2018, all countries in Altverse controlled by the following listed have been irrevocably been removed from Altverse and may not be re-canonized without re-submission irrespective of proof of activity. Former members are welcomed back under two conditions: A.) demonstrate interest in returning, and B.) are active. Those underlined have a country which is eligible for speedy re-entry, or satisfy other conditions for speedy re-entry.


As of March 2018, any applications or requests for membership by the following contributors will be denied regardless of any circumstances. Any invitations to the following members are void and null.



Contributors or guests (from the Alternative History Wiki) who have not decided on participating in Altverse but have demonstrated their support for the project through other means (readership, ideas, etc.) are listed as follows:


Please do not attempt to edit map on your own. Due to the volatility of the project and community, this map may or may not accurately reflect the true borders and/or countries recognized in the current Altverse canon. Consult an Altverse member for details.


Official states

  China, Republic of (Hainan and Taiwan) (Centrist16)
  Maritimes, The (No owner; de facto Thewolvesden)
  Newfoundland (No owner; de facto Thewolvesden)
  Russia (BIPU)

Probationary/prospective states

  France (MidnightLion); undergoing application process
  Greenland (NikkPro); canon conflict with Kalmar Union, to be mediated
  Hellas (AWpCR; undergoing reintegration process
  Persia (JoshTheRoman); undergoing application process
  Tugga (Screwhorn77 and NikkPro); undergoing application process
  United Germany (SolaceEaSw); undergoing application process

Dead states

The following states were once considered canonical in Altverse, but have since been removed due to inactivity or other reasons. They may or may not be re-canonized in the near future depending on new circumstances. Arrows show dead countries with the corresponding canon countries that have superseded them. Dead countries in bold are countries which are eligible for speedy re-canonization.

  Ethiopian Empire
  Greater Somalia
  Lan NaHani

List of nations


This is a list of all player-controlled nations along with any real world national/subnational entities that would exist under said nations, and hence, non-claimable.


None claimed



North America


None claimed

South America

Non-player countries

This is a list of all real world countries that exist based on the approximations of all player-controlled nations' existing claims. New collaborators can claim a country or countries before joining either by creating a new article or using an existing independent project. Applicants to Altverse may not participate in Altverse until they have been approved by the community.

When you have chosen territories, please either remove them from the list or indicate what territories are currently available.



North America


South America

Canonical history

Current events


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