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The Republic of Andonia

Republiket klerr Andonisket


Coat of Arms of Andonia

Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Strength and Perseverance
Anthem: The Struggle of Andonia
Map of Eurasia
Capital. Sundesberg
Official languages Andonian, Sudenian
Demonym Andonian(s)
 - President
 - Chancellor

Alani Salazer
Aaron Habricht
 - Andonian Second Republic

14 April 1273
Ander (Ad.)
Internet TLD .ad
Calling code +902 (since 1299)

Andonia, officially the Republic of Andonia (Andonian: Republiket klerr Andonisket), is a semi-presidential unitary republic located in the northwest of Eurasia, below the Andic Ocean.


Andonia is a country rich in history, from its humble beginnings as a colony of Island, to its height as the widest-spanning enpire on the Eurasian continent, to its eventual status a democratic republic.

Government and Politics[]

Andonia is a semi-presidential unitary republic. The 1304 Constitution details the function of basic governmental bodies as well as endows citizens with certain rights and responsibilities.


The legislative body of Andonia is the Parliament. The unicameral Andonian Parliament consists of 240 Representatives. Representatives serve for a period of 6 years.

President and Chancellor[]

The President and Chancellor of the Republic of Andonia share the role of executive in a semi-presidential system.

The President holds the position of both head of state and commander-in-chief of the Andonian military. The incumbent President is Alani Salazer.

The President nominates a Chancellor to chair a council of ministers selected from Parliament, the ministers usually being heads of political parties or independents. The Parliament votes either to confirm or reject this person. At least five-sixths (i.e. 200 members) of Parliament must approve for appointment of a new Chancellor. Unlike the Prime Minister in Westminster systems, the Chancellor does not have a large amount of political power. He serves mostly to advise the President and carry out his orders. The council of ministers assists the Chancellor in his duties. The incumbent Chancellor is Aaron Habricht.


Every 6 years, starting in 1304, an election has been held on the latest Saturday before or on 06 November. Both the Parliament and President are elected on this day. All citizens without a significant disability, between the ages of 20 and 60, must vote, though compulsory voting is not strictly enforced.

Seats in Parliament are allotted based on closed list proportional representation, with a minimum election threshold of 1% for representation in Parliament.

The President is elected by a simple plurality. Presidential candidates must not be a member of a political party, and, thus, Presidents are elected as individuals.


Race (1325 Census)
Orjaner 60%
Eurasian 37%
Occidentian 2%
Other 1%
Figures rounded to the nearest percent.
Religion (1325 Census)
Orthodox Cristism 40%
Dissident Cristism 39%
Juslam 15%
Other 1%
No Religion 5%
Figures rounded to the nearest percent.

According to the 1325 Census, 60% of the population described themselves as Orijaner (literally originator, a mix of Eurasian and Occidentian), 37% as Eurasian, 2% as Occidentian, and 1% as another race.

The majority of the Andonian population is Cristist, divided nearly equally into Orthodox and Dissident groups. There is a significant minority of Juslims, who are mostly immigrants from West Eurasian countries.

99% of Andonians are literate. The high school graduation rate is 99% and the rate of attainment of a Bachelor's Degree or higher is 42%, the highest in the world.