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Andrew Runningwater
Andrew Runningwater
Secretary of the Environment
In office
September 14, 2003 – August 20, 2013
Preceded by None
Succeeded by In Office
Personal details
Born Andrew Runningwater
July 17, 1969
Qualla Boundary Cherokee Reservation, North Carolina, USA
Political party Environmentalist Liberal
Spouse(s) Jasmine Runningwater
Residence Qualla Boundary Cherokee Reservation (Official)
Alma mater North Carolina Central University (Biology PhD/Climatology MS)
Profession Environmentalist, Biologist
Religion Un-Associated Christian

Andrew Runningwater, born July 17, 1969 in Qualla Boundary Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina, is the current Secretary of the Department of the Environment. He is a Cherokee native American. Andrew took part in schooling outside of the reservation he lived on, graduating at North Carolina Central University where he achieved a Masters degree in Meteorology & Climate Sciences and a Doctorate in Biology and Ecology. He worked for several state and federal employers including a North Carolina state park reservation officer and for the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. Following the independence of Everett, he ran for and was elected to the position of Secretary of the Department of the Environment, a federal executive Advising Council position. Andrew Runningwater has worked to push for environmental protection laws and demanded prioritized research into renewable energy technologies and Everetti energy independence. During his first term from 2003 to 2013, Runningwater managed to increase federally protected lands by passing laws to designate some 15 undeveloped lands as Federal Nature Reserves and eight marine locations as National Marine Conservation Areas.

Core Beliefs[]

Andrew Runningwater is a liberal politician with heavy support on some conservative ideologies. Runningwater has repeatedly been against laws targeting the right to bear arms and has a track record of voting against laws allowing abortion. He has stated he is against the death penalty in favor of life-terms and has been a long term opponent of torture and enhanced interrogation techniques. Runningwater's anti-torture stances has included condemnation against U.S. era Guantanamo Bay terrorist-holding prison in Cuba and supported the Spencer administration's closing and dismantlement of the facility and its return to Cuban authority. He is against involvement of the nation in international politics and involvement in unnecessary wars. Runningwater was long against the U.S. war in Iraq and uneasy about Everetti involvement in the incident that later formed Iraqistan.

Runningwater is an environmentalist and strongly against non-renewable fuels, pushing agendas to increase development in solar, wind, hydro-electic, fusion and clean coal technology. Following events in Fukushima, Japan, he has promoted worldwide calls to abandon nuclear energy, calling the technology "a danger to the planet's welfare". In his time in office, Runningwater has accomplished passing laws to protect the environment, including prohibition of drinking water fluoridation and chlorination and increased penalties on industries which intentionally disregard environmental regulations on pollutant dumping. Runningwater was at the front of the legal attacks on British Petroleum during the Louisiana BP oil spill, demanding charges and restitution.

He is a social liberal, strongly promoting and for equality among all citizens, including support for gay rights, anti-discrimination laws, passage of hate crimes bills and pay and wages equality for men and women. Runningwater has repeatedly spoke out against the neighboring United States' attacks against Constitutional freedoms and has always voted against legislation that would affect the rights of Everetti citizens.