The Anglican Primate of Georgeland is the official title of the Church of England's chief representative in Georgeland. The Primate is always an Archbishop from one of the country's six Archdioseces; frequently this is either the the Archbishop of Santa Christina or Archbishop of Doubledance but it does not have to be the case.
The Georgeland General Synod of the Anglican Church, the Church's governing body in Georgeland, elects a Primate from among the Archbishops. The Primate serves a term of seven years, but most Primates are effectively chosen until retirement, since most have retired from the Church whilst still in office. In the past, the title was usually given to the longest-serving Archbishop; however, in 2008 Arnold Clewett was chosen despite having a shorter tenure than several others, and this was repeated in 2015 when Simon Bell was elected and again on the election of Bell's successor, Peter Bellman, in 2021. In the case that the position is vacant, the most senior Archbishop does serve as interim Primate pending an election.

The current Primate is the Most. Reverend Peter Bellman, elected on 14 April 2021.
The Synod first met to elect a Primate in 1921.

List of Primates of the Anglican Church of Georgeland

  1. Archbishop Thomas Yates 1921-1935
  2. Archbishop Edwin Colbert 1935-1941
  3. Archbishop John Manx 1941-1957
  4. Archbishop Geoffrey Dwight 1957-1978
  5. Archbishop Thomas McCain 1978-1990
  6. Archbishop Stewart Jeffress 1990-1995
  7. Archbishop Simon Breville 1995-2007
  8. Archbishop Arnold Clewett 2008-2015
  9. Archbishop Simon Bell 2015-21
  10. Archbishop Peter Bellman 2021-

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