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This is how people refer to Lycans in Eternity Valley. Especially when talking to Normals. It also occasionally refers to witches or other magical powers that throw their lot in with the werewolves, werebears, and other weres in the area.

The Animal Rights Faction is an active group composed mostly of Native Americans from across two continents. They control the Rosewood State Park by getting their own people appointed into control.

Relations With The Hunting Party Faction[]

They don't like the vampires and occasional demons who come through town, because they feed off the Normals. Many of the Hunting Party Faction actually kill their prey, either by design or by necessity. They have an easy truce with a few of the vampires and other natural members of this category, because they have a long history with them. People like Sophronia Corti who make their home in the Valley, but each generation is still naturally uneasy of her because she's in town so rarely.