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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

The spell Animate sword does exactly that. More specifically, swords, being weapons, fight alongside the one who animated them, for as long as they are ordered to do so. If not given any instruction the sword is just as if it hadn't been animated. It is possible to de-animate the sword. It is also possible for rival spellcasters to "steal" control of the animated sword. In that case, either one side's spell is dominant or the sword becomes fickle indeed.

Similar spells exist, of course, for other weapons.

Animated swords show up in Chronicle when a rogue mage tries to sneak into a guarded building. The magic-less guards are easily overcome by levitating weapons that can swiftly attack from any angle and which, being metallic, can't be harmed in any other way. It is not possible to de-animate or "vanquish" an animated sword in combat; however, it can get caught at the pommel, can be locked in a scabbard, can get stuck in something it impales (such as stone), and can be shattered with a strong enough blow. High heat can also melt it into a useless puddle.