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Ek-Bedzhe Ennyar
Ag-Bazha Innor
Official Languages Anarish, Abildic
Other Languages Sebucet, Vohchuk, Lamebek, tens of others
Capital Avdauch
Government Absolute monarchy
Monarch Emperor Samal bau-Alakh
Chief Advisor Amgkakh Lam bau-Sanne Charahruk
Area 6,069,133 km²
GDP (nominal) per capita No statistics
Currency Annyari Malade

Annyar is a country in Laponia, Northern Colcarely. It is often considered a failed state: The shocking terrain combined with huge distances makes centralization difficult.


Annyar is located around the Bay of Annyar. The neighbouring countries are Ohkalacha, Sarvaranya, Ngebecho, Sadgil, Inyodã and Kharasha.

The terrain is definitely shocking: it contains river valleys and mountains around them, height difference can be up to 8 kilometres. The tallest mountain is Mount Avibmar, 9 304 meters.


Climate is dominated by the temperature differences and Föhn winds, that the mountains create. One as important fact as the abovementioned is an extremely powerful TS tension area, which gathers both Alpine and Scandic satellites, and in a chaotic pattern.

The event which was much highlighted in the media happened in 2003, when a TS broke record of energy delivery, with +77 Celsius and 12 km³ of air. The TS landed from west to Lake Grac, made a tsunami, passed Isthmus of Karekhyek and Bay of Agityash, finally strucking mountain Akkage (4138 meters) with up to 10 meters of rain, and then Makhalt Island with air temperature up to 105 celsius, killing ~15,000.

Climate by place

  • Avdauch, +23/+6, 3921 mm/y
  • Abulite, +19/+7, 1284 mm/y
  • Nelamis, +14/-1, 1194 mm/y
  • Raibakh, +15/-29, 790 mm/y