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Antar-Turkish Crisis(Medditerran Crisis)
Antar SU-27k on Termproll KK-45 ready for action
Date March 26,2008 – April 7, 2008
Location Turkey coasts
Result After the bombing of Turkey and the major victims of the dispute by peaceful solution through diplomatic negotiations after the two presidents ended quite well for Turkey with a 231 after a bombing killed civilians.
Zastavakk Antarctica Turska Turkey
Commanders and leaders
Jorge Mures,
Nytaff Yl
Abdullah Gül
about 50 fighters,30 bombers and 20 helicopters and 7 artillery ships 450 fighters aircrafts,10 ships
Casualties and losses
7 fighters,4 bomber and 8 Antar pilots 16 fighters,7 ships, 231 civilians