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Anti Earth was created when the impact that created the moon in our world also transferred much of the water and atmospheric gases to the moon making what is known as the Earth today much more similar to the Moon.

Anti Earth is one of the two planets in a "double planet" system. Earth has the main gravitational dominance, because it is slightly denser and larger. Anti Earth is the smaller of the two (known as Earth to the native sentient hominids) and it has no magnetic field, and gets its solar wind protection through the unusually large magnetic field of the the Earth (known as Terra to the native sentient hominids), giving Anti Earth protection from the solar wind. Anti Earth has about two thirds the amount of atmosphere that Earth has in our world, while Earth has only about one third of it, and little water.

Anti Earth

Earth on the left and Anti Earth on the right


Anti Earth is Inhabited by a sentient race of octopus called the Narrets, who have created an underwater empire by grafting coral to create buildings and walkways. They communicate through changing colour, a completely unique way compared to the Human spoken/written language.

Anti Earth is also home to a sentient race of hominids called the Terrans. The Terrans are unaware of the Narrets but the Narrets are aware of Terrans and consider them non sentient.