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Fusion weaponry
Tag(s) Researchable
Purpose(s) Weapon (Corrosive)
Prerequisite tech(s)
Development time(s)

Project size (A): 800,000
Researcher saturation point (N): 10,000
Maximum research speed if C = 1: 160 sec
Enables Antimatter warhead
Tachyon weaponry
Miscellaneous notes

With the discovery of antimatter came the possibility of creating one of the ultimate means of destruction known to humanity. It is even more destructive than the fusion warhead, but it also costs a lot more, as antimatter is incredibly costly to come by. However it requires a large warhead - a bulky one in the 25th century. It can easily be shot down with practically anything that isn't a bomb. And it is only a single shot. However, if it does it it can cause a tremendous amount of damage.