The Aonuan islands (Tanukilian : Tanengetemaru, Anunui : Aanuufunga, Totuan : Tã móu) is an archipelago in the Northern Pacific Ocean. They are compounded of three major islands, three smaller islands and a few atolls. In this archipelago are the countries of the Federate States of Aonui, the Kingdom of Totu and the Kingdom of Tatoa, one of the smallest countries of the world, but also one of the richest GDP-wise. The Aonuan islands are part of the North Polynesia which is compounded by the Hawaiian Islands, the Tahanui islands, the Lemurian Archipelago.


The area was first inhabited in the second century of the Common Era ; during that time, settlers were from East Asia (actual Philippines, Taiwan). The oldest settlement were found in the Eastern Islands and were dated from 100 CE. In the late 1970s, genetical and archaeological researches attested that First inhabitants if the Aonua islands were Austronesian peoples from Taiwan.


File:Map of Aonua islands.jpg

The Western part of the Aonua Islands are on the Lemurian continental shelf. While eastern islands one is from from a former hotspot. In the map, the islands forms a long strip.


The Aonua islands' climate is strongly influenced by trade winds which blows from east to west. Thus, the eastern part is wetter than the western, and that makes great constrasts between eastern and western sides landscapes.


Three independent states share the Aonua islands : the Federate States of Aonui, which regroups almost all the western islands, the Kingdom of Totu in the eastern part of Sa'anua Island and all islands except Tatoa island and the and the Kingdom of Tatoa which is the smallest country of the region.