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Aquily is the capital city of Laris and located in the northwestern part of the Larisian Main Island. Approximately 860,000 people live in the city, making it the largest city in Laris. The Aquily Transport System is run by the Statens Transportföretag (Transport company of the state), running 140 bus routes, even four lines going across the Main Island and Lisle-de-Vert (The eastern island) strait and to Holmia.


Aquily - Here as a red dot


Founded in 1323 by Italian explorer Luca di Aquilia from which the village then took its name of Citta di Luca. The village was abandoned in the early 1340s and was so for the next 30 years. The Kingdom of Milan renounced their claims on the Main Island and turned it to Sweden in the year 1368. Two years later arrived the first Swedish colonizers. Because of harsh climate during the summer the settlement was once more abandoned. The next to attempt colonization were the French, yet they too abandoned the island soon. In the year 1540 a series of attempts at settlements were funded by The Swedish King Gustav I Vasa. The colonization attempt was successful and Gustavia was founded. In the year 1913 the name of the city was changed to Aquili in honour of the first (unsuccessful)founder of the city and to mark distance from Sweden. This was changed in the year 1948 to Aquily to make it sound more "modern".

Notable Buildings[]

  • Aquilanska Statshuset (The Aquily House of State)
  • Castellum Aquiliana (Aquily Castle - Royal Residence)
  • Gustavianska Torget (The Gustavian Plaza - Technically not a building)
  • Det Raka Tornet ( The Straight Tower - built by His Technical Excellency Master Nokkt G. Debetoher, houses the city's modern art museum)
  • Chiesa di Luca (The Church Of Luca, built on the remains of the original chapel constructed by Luca di Aquilia)

Notable sights[]

  • Ze Phailus Von Amar ( A massive golden statue gifted to the state by the Republic of Amar, in the shape of a giant phallus it stands proudly erect in the center of The Gustavian Plaza. )
  • Aquaria Aquiliana (The largest aquarium in Laris, with many thousands of fish species from the mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean.)
  • The Statue of Comrade Lenin, liberator of the Proletarians ( This statue stands outside the house of state. Made of purest platinum this is truly a sight!)
  • The Butterfly ( A statue in bronze, gold and silver with exquisite ornaments, gifted to the first king by Pontifex Maximus Maledictus I))