Ardenjoste saffelon
Flag of Ardenjost
Official Languages Sonnend
Other Languages Finnish, Ferrine, Jeileng, Virbod
Capital Hacmyv
Government Constitutional republic
President Matt Linaj (as of 2005)
Prime Minister Arij Ebbok (as of 2005)
Area 287593 km²
Population ~28 000 000
GDP (nominal) per capita As of 2004
298390 FIM
49506 ARDM
Independence December 9th, 1870 (from Ferribre as a kingdom)
May 23rd, 1937 (republic)
Currency Ardenjostan mark

The republic of Ardenjost (Sonnend: Ardenjoste saffelon) is a constitutional republic in Cicheghoaste region.


Ardenjost consists of very varying terrain. The highest altitude is at Gefrufjers, 2 247 m MSL.

Straight through the republic goes the Strait of Sonnok, which has always been an important trade route, as it separates Fennian Continent from Carelian Continent. It also unites seas named Ismer and Sjonmer.

Climate is subarctic, with temperatures ranging from -5 to +20 Celsius at the coastal regions.


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The total land area of Ardenjost is 287593 km². It is divided to 17 provinces.

1. Sonnok

2. Ismer

3. Rjebok

4. Mostjez

5. Sjellak

6. Kandaut

7. Kutuf

8. Basmer

9. Velimas

10. Denahik

11. Sjonmer

12. Berolur

13. Feberik

14. Gocelmer

15. Haiguad

16. Safnar

17. Ojidijes

Natural resources

There are considerable amounts of oil, natural gas, uranium and iron in Ardenjost.

The coastal waters of Sarfnjas produce most of oil and natural gas. This region was the main reason for cold relations of Ardenjost and Ferribre through 20th century. Oil is also found under shallow waters near Sohnamart.

There is uranium in Kutuf and Kandaut provinces, and lots of iron oxides in northwestern Sonnok.


There are two cultural main classes in Ardenjost - Catameilists and Yoanzaran Christians. This can be seen, for example, in two different calendars, that all important documents are dated with.


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Ardenjost has extensive railroad and highway systems. The passenger railway traffic is handled by Ardenjoste Rodokdejet with monopoly status.

Besides airports, some of the foreign traffic is served with magnetic levitation railways by the CIMLR.


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Main article: Politics in Ardenjost Ardenjost is a republic.

The legislative body is unicameral parliament (etzkant) with 300 seats.

There is a cabinet (serzom), which currently has 22 members.

The president (prasidej) is the ceremonial head with few important rights.

The Abolition of Monarchy and Nobility act of 1932 (1932:e Regonnese a deltruinese buhaydlus-vuol) abolished the titles of royal family but reserved all other titles (although with no legislative significance). Since that, Ardenjost has hundreds of nobles.

Foreign relations

List of Ardenjostan ambassadors List of ambassadors to Ardenjost

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