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Laws in Republic of Ardenjost give young people relatively many rights.


  • Birth, social identification number is given. The state begins to pay parents 140 mark per month.
  • 12 years: Right to have a job with parents' agreement.
  • 14 years: Right to drive moped with appropriate license, right to get a job and to control money earned by job.
  • 15 years: Right to have sex legally. Right to buy beverages, which include 1-4 percent alcohol. Right to travel to Cuopio and Vemeiro alone.
  • 16 years: End of obligatory education. Right to buy tobacco products. Right to travel abroad alone. State starts to support second grade students financially.
  • 18 years: End of custody. Parental payments stop. One can legally buy beverages, which include 4-21 percent alcohol. Right to drive car and motorcycle with a license.
  • 20 years: Right to buy beverages with over 21 percent alcohol. Right to adopt a child. Right to drive bus and truck with a license.

Educational system[]

The first grade is obligatory. The school is started in the August of sixth year since birth. A lesson is 45 minutes.

  • Years 1-6: lower basic school (alcinder/alsukol) 190 days a year
    • Years 1-2: basic teaching, 19 lessons per week
    • Years 3-4: one language (right to choose which) added, 22 lessons per week
    • Years 5-6: some subjects added, one voluntary language, 24-26 lessons per week
  • Years 7-10: upper basic school (ulcinder/ulsukol) 150 days a year
    • Year 7: 27 lessons per week, of which 2 are voluntary subjects
    • Year 8-9: 28 lessons per week, of which 8 are voluntary subjects, at the end of the year: directive graduation numbers
    • Year 10: 23 lessons per week, of which 8 are voluntary subjects, possibility to study partially at second-grade institutions, at the end of the year: final graduation numbers

The second grade is voluntary. If one chooses to study, there are two possibilities:

  • College
  • Professional school

Both last 3 years normally.

College consists of courses. One course has 15 lessons of 90 minutes. To graduate from the college, one must attend 64 courses: 32-36 mandatory, 28-32 voluntary. The mandatory courses are:

  • Biology, 3 courses
  • Geography, 2 courses
  • Philosophy, 1 course
  • A1-language (most often Finnish), 5 courses
  • Sonnend and literature, 5 courses
  • History, 4 courses
  • Study of society, 1 course
  • Maths, 6 (short) or 10 courses (long)
  • Physics, 1 course
  • Chemistry, 1 course
  • Music, 1 course
  • Visual arts, 1 course
    • A second course of either music or visual arts

Since 2001, a college student can study a mandatory course independently, if she/he has got 10 from the previous course or 9 from three previous courses. Voluntary courses can be studied independently, if they are taught on the same time with another course AND if the studying is possible within the nature of the course.