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Arkhangelsk Fleet
Active Arkhangelsk-Philliyic War-Present
Country Archivilli Arkhangelsk
Branch Navy
Type Space Fleet
Size 1,560,120,034 Ships
Garrison/HQ Arkhangelsk
Motto Aut vincere aut mori
Engagements Battle of Twin Planets

Battle of Diphia
Battle of Tillanus
Battle of Santias
Battle of Sifilia Netia

Supreme Fleet Commander Sontias Tiberia
Ceremonial chief Fleet Commander Tieara Santicus

The Arkhangelsk Fleet is the primary protector of the Arkhangelsk universe, and the largest fleet in the entire Royal Arkhangelsk Navy. Established during the first weeks of the Archivilli Arkhangelsk-Philliyic War it was slowly built up over the years, into the extremely diversified and powerful fighting force it is known for today. Composed of 1,560,120,034 ships it is the largest fleet in the Royal Arkhangelsk Navy. The Arkhangelsk Fleet is currently in operations protecting the Arkhangelsk Universe. The Arkhangelsk Fleet is the most decorated fleet, and is well known for its white paint and gold outlines.


During the opening shots of the Archivilli Arkhangelsk-Philliyic War the ARMC authorized the construction of a new fleet to help protect Arkhangelsk and to defend the outward colonies. After building the first Angel-Class Ships, they set out and successfully retook their planets and defended the Arkhangelsk Empire.

The four wars that followed caused a massive build up of the Arkhangelsk Fleet, after the end of hostilities in the Arkhangelsk Universe. The Arkhangelsk Fleet protected the outward colonies from the Baranic Coalitions attacks on frontier worlds. Once the Archivilli Arkhangelsk-Paracytill War began the Arkhangelsk fleet sent 25,000 naval vessels to protect the military bases in the Salinus I.

Current Operations

The Arkhangelsk Fleet is currently commanded by Supreme Fleet Commander Sontias Tiberia, his current flagship is the ARS Salinus. Current operations include protecting Arkhangelsk and making sure the Paracytill do not intrude into the Arkhangelsk Universe. In 5 months a portion of the Arkhangelsk Fleet is due to enter the Phi'Yeas'Tackas Universe to deal with the Sarentia Alliance.

The Arkhangelsk Fleets main goal is to protect any and all planets in Arkhangelsk, their more secondary role is to make sure that the Paracytill infection does not touch a single planet in the Arkhangelsk Universe. Due to the relative stability of the Arkhangelsk Universe the Arkhangelsk Fleet is redeployed into other task forces to help deal with threats.

The next operation planned is Cleansing Wind which intends to sterilize and get rid of all Paracytill infection in the Sifian II Universe. Almost 88% of the naval vessels deployed will be controlled by a central A.I. to limit Archivilli Arkhangelsk loss of life.


Supreme Fleet Commander Tilian Disphia
Supreme Fleet Commander Balin Gianiaus
Supreme Fleet Commander Tirean Zealias
Supreme Fleet Commander Iosia Dinias
Supreme Fleet Commander Pious Inquis
Supreme Fleet Commander Sontias Tiberia


The battle groups of the Arkhangelsk Fleet are organized due to the Greek alphabet.

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Delta
  • Epsilon
  • Zeta
  • Eta
  • Theta
  • Iota
  • Kappa
  • Lambda
  • Mu
  • Nu
  • Xi
  • Omicron
  • Pi
  • Rho
  • Sigma
  • Tau
  • Upsilon
  • Phi
  • Chi
  • Psi
  • Omega