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The Arkhangelsk Monetary Credit is the main currency of the Arkhangelsk Empire. It is consistently used as the top currency in all of Arkhangelsk Empire controlled space. While it is prehaps one of the strongest and most secure currencies, it is rivaled by some local currencies in far outworld planets, where currency is not as easibly obtained. The Arkhangelsk Monetary Credit is the official banknote and creditnote of the Arkhangelsk Empire. While used in almost all transactions, it is most commonly replaced by simple bartering in large marketplaces. This act is generally frowned upon by tax collectors due to the loss in taxable sales.


Shortly after the landfall on Arkhangelsk, the ruling leader Sithilis Tyralis The Great decided the need for a universal currency naming it the Arkhangelseous. While initially it was erratic and insecure it began to gain notoriety and trust and became secure. During the Archivilli Arkhangelsk-Philliyic War war the currency was changed from the traditional Arkhangelseousto the Angelos. While incorporating more extensive technology changes and more stability, it was at first rejected by the Arkhangelsk peoples who longed for the older more simplistic currency. After the Arkhangelsk Economic Downturn due to the Salinus I Universe being overrun, the currency fell into disarray and inflation began to ransack many local economies. With that High Emperor Thomas Augustus Emerius finally did away with the Angelos and set up the new Arkhangelsk Monetary Credit, which was much more sophisticated and regulated. The Arkhangelsk Monetary Credit has remained the currency of the Arkhangelsk Empire since and has the design changed every fifty years to ensure counterfeiters do not gain the upper hand.

Economic Index[]

The Economic Index of the AMC has been regularly stable in the Universal Marketplace, it usually varies from .8 - 1.2%. Its exchange rates are usually very high compared to local currencies usually resulting in the destruction of a local currency. While this is the case in most of the Arkhangelsk Empire's universes, it is not so in some local systems and even in galaxies. The The Autonomous Sithria-Arkhangelsk Caliphas Region is a formation of autonomous galaxies that has their own currency high above the AMC. Even if this is the case it is still extremely rare for this to happen and only does in extreme cases.


The AMC is created and minted at each Superclusters Regional Finance Office. Here it is calculated and credited and distributed throughout the Supercluster. The Royal Arkhangelsk Treasury allows and gives the contracts to these regional offices. The illegal distribution of this money is met with extreme action, and counts as treason against the High Emperor. Most notable was the Sithyid Finance Scandal where over A$590 Trillion, were directed to an illegal rebel fund, this caused complete tightening for the economic sector and cause a decrease in the overall dissemination of the AMC.