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SF09 Predator
YF09 Predator Blackhawk
3D view of the Predator
Role Fighter Bomber/Light Bomber
National origin Union of Everett
Manufacturer Armor Militant
First flight February 2008
Introduced September 2009
Status Operational
Primary user Union of Everett Air Force
Number built 300
200 ordered
Unit cost $200 Million

The SF09 Predator Fighter Bomber or experimental codename XB-100, is a stealth fighter bomber/light bomber air and space craft, developed by Armor Militant in the Union of Everett. Its design features a wide body for storing extra weaponry, a dual cockpit for two pilots and a third tail fin. The exterior was redesigned with heat resistance to allow the craft to exit and enter the atmosphere, giving it the ability to be a spacecraft which can allow for orbital bombardment. It also features anti-gravity to allow for vertical take-off and landing, additional manueverability in the air and further ability for flight in space.


The Predator is powered by a twin fusion generator engine, which powers all systems in the craft, allowing for the ability to remain in flight as long as the pilots are capable of remaining in the air before requiring restroom breaks or food. If those two factors are not needed, one pilot may sleep while the other flies the craft. The engines may speed the craft up to a maximum of Mach 3 in the air and a top speed of Mach 100 in space (70,000 miles per hour). The engines also power weapons systems including the plasma laser cannons and a modular plasma bomb weapon. The craft is also powered by an anti-gravity drive, which aids in both propulsion during V/STOL activities and in space flight.


The primary weapons on board the Predator are the two plasma laser cannons, located on either side of the cockpit, which fire toroids of plasma energy at near sub-light speed. The highly energized matter causes both thermal damage to targets as well as impact damage. Secondly, the craft holds a series of missiles, rockets and bombs inside the craft for stealth and may go unstealth and carry additional armament on its wings. It may hold a total of twelve missiles inside, which can vary in types from air-to-air, air-to-surface and large scale weapons including General Use Fusion Warheads (GFW), low grade fusion bombs and standard and mid grade fusion bombs. In placement of the missile holding bay, a modular fusion generator plasma bomb weapon can be placed inside the craft. This new weapon was released into use for mid 2010 for Predator fighter bombers. Using a fusion generator, plasma energy can be built up and then fired down in balls of energy, which can explode on its target like a conventional bomb. Plasma bombs have the same destructive power of a 5,000 pound bomb (due to both thermal explosion and impact damage radius) and take up to five seconds to generate. In exchange for its slow pace at deploying bombs, the generator can fire dozens of these plasma bombs before requiring rest to cool down the generator. Cooling can take several minutes, requiring an air vent to open to allow cool air into the weapons bay. These modular plasma bomb generators are very similar to Everett's Planetary Defense System satellites.