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Arrhynii Salas
Position: Holo-Stream Reporter
Race Senai
Education Converge Academy
Age -110 Earth Years
-115 Tyryse years
Height 5'4 feet
Ethereal Ability None
Intelligence 120 score on the IET's
Birth Date 2303 A.D.

Arrhynii Salas is a famous Senai news reporter from the Converge, who is featured on the Holo-Stream News. Salas has been awarded the 'Most Beautiful Reporter award many times, but she disowns the fact that she has won such an award. In a recent interview, Salas stated to the press, "I don't exactly like this fame. Sure, I can handle being on the Holo-Stream, but damn, when every guy in the galaxy is after you, things get hectic."

Salas became famous after earning an archaeological degree at the Converge Academy, where after, she worked on a supposed Syn archaeological dig. After retrieving a left-over, ancient hologram, Salas was shot into greatness. She soon retired from the archaeological dig after fellow archaeologist Usef Anarimi was killed in a cave-in.

After retiring, Salas became interested in the field of reporting. The Holo-Stream News corporation showed an interest in Salas, and sent out a request that she would join the Holo-StreamNews Team. Salas politely declined, and decided to work at a smaller News team at a smaller colony. At an interview Salas said this in response to a question directed at her decision. "Honestly, I care much more about the smaller communities rather than the large ones. I feel they should get more attention, truthfully."

After a few years of working at the News team for the colony, the colony became underfunded, and was abandoned. After this, the Holo-Stream News team sent out another request. This time, Salas accepted their offer, and has worked on the team for many years now. She describes it as the best choice she's ever made, ironically enough.

Recently, Salas was proposed to by fellow reporter Curtis Daelr (Human), and she accepted. The couple have not been married yet, but the two do have one child, little girl, Jesi Daelr.