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Arrian Isrra
Position: Porn Star
Race Senai
Education None
Age -22 Earth Years
-24.2 Tyryse years
Height 5'1 feet
Ethereal Ability None
Intelligence 80 score on the IET's
Birth Date 2391 A.D.

Arrian Isrra is a female Senai porn star, born 2891. Her parents consisted of a Human father and a Senai mother. Arrian was treated a princess as a child, and she became known among her peers for being a spoiled slut. Even at 12, Arrian would have sex with the boys at her school.

Years later, Arrian is a well known porn star. She is famous for her perky G size breasts, and her bisexuality. Arrian is known to smoke and drink quite often, and commonly known to flash people.