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Assault frigate
Tag(s) Frigate
Purpose(s) Combat
General statistics HP: 60,000
Max armament(s) 20x Tandem charges
2x Mass drivers
12x Polarized torpedo
4x Tachyon lance
Max complement(s) 4x Kinetic drive
2x Gravitic drive
2x Full spectrum sensor array
Miscellaneous notes

An assault frigate is brimming with (rather) conventional weapons. It is capable of taking down numerous enemies on its own, yet because it is a rather large target it takes damage very, very quickly as well. However, they are also capable of taking a lot of damage by virtue of their high HP. Capital ships don't serve particularly well in dogfight battles, and this serves as a bridge between the smaller, swarming craft and larger warpships. They generally form the first wall in any fleet.