Association Football, or soccer, generally known as football in Georgeland English, is the most-popular sport played in Georgeland. It is the most-rated sport on national television and the most commonly-played sport by youth. The governing body is the Georgeland Football Association, which oversees the sport's three men's divisions (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Divisions), the women's league (WFL), and the youth league, as well as oversees the men's and women's international teams, known respectively as the Macaws and the Keets.

The game was brought to Georgeland by English settlers, and records indicate games being played as early as 1870. The country's first official football club, Weston Wanderers, was formed in 1876; the current oldest club, Weston FC, was formed in 1902 from the remnants of this team.

Georgeland's national league began operating in its current form in 1947. Prior to this, a league had operated on an informal basis managed mostly by the teams themselves. It was not until after the nation's appearance at the 1938 World Cup, in which a late loss to Hungary prevented an advance to the final, that a national body was established to manage football, but World War II intervened as the bulk of players were serving in the armed forces. The earliest league organised on a national level was the National Ladies League, drawn solely from women players in Mainland and Scoita only (despite the name). Following the war, the men's league began with twelve teams, over time expanding to the current forty teams. From 1964, all teams registered in the league's three divisions are eligible for the Georgeland Cup.

Georgeland is a member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), since joining in 2013, having competed previously in that body from 1972 to 1987, and as an associate member from 1997 to 2013. Until 1972 Georgeland competed with the African Confederation (CAF), and between 1987 and 1997 as part of the Oceania confederation (OFC).






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