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Auralia is a planet about the size of Mercury and twice the density orbiting around the red dwarf Proxima Centauri at a distance of 0.042 AU, which is perfect for life to live in small strips of land all around the edge of the side constantly facing the sun in a tidal lock.

Map Of Auralia

Map of Auralia light coloured parts are extremely hot, darker parts are perfect for earth life & white & grey parts are frozen


Life first arrived on Auralia 64.5 m.y.a. in a fragment of the earth's crust which contained bacteria that was in a fully sealed cavern filled with brackish water and surviving on oxygen and heat created by the decay of uranium and thorium. These bacteria then evolved into two extremely diverse groups; a heat resistant worm like animal that lives on the shore of the always extremely hot mainland at a constant 120 degrees celcius and uses algae to create its food, a cassowary like animal that stands 4.5 metres tall, lives in the more earthlike swamp regions on the edge of the daylit zone and eats six legged bull frog like animals with eyes on stalks, other inhabitants are the sentient dolphin like animals called Precorians that live on the earthlike part of the main land and left the water only 1 million years ago.


The Precorians are a slowly developing sentient race that look very much like dolphins with limbs but have much poorer eyesight and communicate through bio-flourescence, while locating things through sonar. The Precorians left the water around 1 million years ago after reaching semi-sentience and realising that they were trapped in a box of water with land on two sides, ice on another and boiling water on another. They are currently in the iron age.