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Aureil is located at the southern shore of a very large lake (Laga Aureil). Laga Aureil is very beautiful, one of Lorica's natural wonders and one of the Ten Wonders of the World, being all freshwater and large enough to support a variety of fish and other marine life. Multiple small islands scatter the lake, and the land beside the waters is filled with plenty of trees of all sorts. During the spring and fall, the place also has particularly good, cool breezy weather. Everyone's mood is directly influenced to a significant extent by the day's weather.

It has a population of 1,300. The town has capitalized on the beauty of the lake by placing marinas and piers at the shoreline. Every day, many dozen boats go out sailing. On good days, all of the hundreds of boats head out to the interior of the lake. Aureil is a hot freshwater fishing spot. It is also a popular swimming spot during the summer. The appearance of the Aureil buildings matches nicely with the regional aura, with houses giving a sense of airiness and beautiful appeal. Aureil's waterfront is very highly prized, mostly being mansions and manors, all of which are priced way beyond the range of ordinary individuals. Land values along the waterfront are on average five times as costly as houses one block away from the shore. Most wealthy people in the nation of Sigil move to Aureil. As a result of the location's beauty, Aureil is a popular tourist location year round. Merchants sell souvenirs of Aureil at exorbitant prices.

Aureil is overall a high-class environment. Crime is the lowest in the surrounding region, there is no slum district and because it holds no strategic value, Aureil has never come under serious attack in its history.

Most of the islands in Laga Aureil are pristine. The few closest to the settlement of Aureil have been developed into spa resorts and have docks of their own. Only one of them has a bridge, a large and very picturesque one which connects Aureil with the largest of the developed islands. This largest island also has its own temple.

In an effort to keep Aureil beautiful, the government has long promulgated laws saying that while people are able to travel to and camp at just about anywhere in the lake region, building construction is limited to the municipality of Aureil and the nearest couple of islands, thereby preserving the pictureque appearance and pristine condition of the rest of the lake. This practice has been for a long time successful. Nevertheless, given the preposterous amount of money belonging to the town's residents, corruption is inevitable, with many public officials taking bribes to allow entrepreneurs and builders to develop in places zones as no-build.