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Aushovia Broadcasting Network is a Television and Radio Broadcasting Network owned by the Royal Family of Aushovia. It is essentially a state run broadcasting service.


In 1935, The Government suggested that trials, based on those in Australia, be conducted into opening public radio transmissions across Aushovia. The then Crown Princess Mary witnessed those trials and informed her father, King Richard that setting up a Radio network would be beneficial to the Royal Family. The First ABN Radio station opened in 1936, under the frequency 1956 AM. Initially only available in Brianna and Eeyde, it was expanded across the nation later in the year.

By 1959, ABN operated two Radio channels, 1956 AM and also 1987 AM. A decision was made by the now Queen Mary to expand into television broadcasting. ABN TV first went into transmission, on the Channel 1 frequency, on July 1 1959. It was available in the mainland cities but not on the islands. In 1969, a second channel was launched after strong competition from the independently owned ITVN. ABN TV 2 was launched on Channel 2. The stations took on the Names ABN1 and ABN2 which remain to this day.



ABN operates a number of Radio stations including ABN Radio National, ABN Classic, ABN Loud, ABN News/Talk and local stations in each major city.


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