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The Avalon Edge is a luxury sports car produced by Avalon Car Company. The vehicle comes only in fusion cell power and features a mock V12 engine in the rear of the car. The Edge can reach a top speed of 240 miles per hour.


The vehicle is powered by an automobile-class fusion cell powerplant that provides powerful energy to each of the four electric motors for each of the four wheels. The fusion cell also provides energy to a mock V12 engine which provides the same sound of a V12 gasoline engine. The braking system uses both magnetic brakes and a brake line to bring the vehicle to a stop. The interior is provided a reinforced crash cage to keep the driver and passenger safe in an accident. The remainder of the vehicle is made up of carbon fiber. Like all electric vehicles, it is automatic, requiring no shifting or gears.


Avalon Edge

Avalon Edge front.

Avalon Edge Rear

Avalon Edge rear.

Avalon Edge Side

Side view of the Edge.