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The Avalon Terra is a pickup truck SUV produced by Avalon Car Company, released in 2008, its latest model being the 2010 Terra. The Terra mimicks the look of the Chevrolet Avalanche and the Cadillac Escalade EXT. Terra has four doors and seating for five. It comes in both HES and Fusion Cell models. The truck has a top HES speed of 110 miles per hour and a top fusion speed of 170 miles per hour.



The Terra is powered primarily by a V8 (eight cylinder) HICEV engine with a thirty gallon fuel tank. As back up for the engine are solar power and electric power. A rechargeable electric car battery may provide 200 miles distance at 65 miles per hour worth of energy before requiring recharging. The solar windows provide the least amount of energy, allowing for the Terra to travel in daylight at 25 miles per hour. The solar panel windows can primarily be used to charge the electric mode battery allowing for up to a battery life of 275 miles at 65 miles per hour before needing a recharge.

Fusion Cell[]

A fusion cell Terra has unlimited distance with a top speed of 170 miles per hour. The fusion cell battery powers an electric motor located in each of the four wheels. Unlike the Avalon Edge and Avalon Razor, the fusion Terra does not feature a mock combustion engine.


Both models of the Terra have the same features. The trucks feature power everything, two or four wheel drive, CD players, satellite players, satellite television, built in GPS, an OnStar system, lowjack tracking beacons, alarms and run flat tires.


Avalon Terra

Avalon Terra front.

Avalon Terra Rear

Avalon Terra rear.

Avalon Terra Side

Side view of the Terra.