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Averytown central business district


Location of Averytown (green) within Avery County (light green).


Flag of Averytown municipality

Averytown is a city and municipality in Avery County, New Cambria. Averytown is the county town of Avery County.

Following the 2011 New Cambria local government reform, the Municipality of Portsea was merged into the Municipality of Averytown. The population of the new, larger municipality is estimated at 210,794, ranking third out of New Cambria's 22 new municipalities in terms of population. Previously, Averytown ranked second out of New Cambria's 65 former municipalities, behind Arvant. Averytown was the only one of New Cambria's four largest municipalities to consolidate with another municipality.

Averytown is considered one of New Cambria's core cities, together with Arvant, Southport and Talbot. Averytown has historically been a center of industry, particularly textile and paper factories, earning it the nickname "Little Manchester," after the British industrial center of the same name.

Averytown is currently governed by the Averytown Municipal Council, an elected body with significant home rule powers. The 2011 municipal reform will see the Municipal Council replaced by an elected Municipal Authority, headed by a Commissioner, with many of the same powers and responsibilities. A new governmental body, the appointed Avery County Administrative Board, which in some ways replaces the existing Avery County Council, will also meet in Averytown.

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