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Avryshire is a County and regional authority in the Territory of Bancairn Island. Its population at the 2007 Census was 63'632.

Geography & Climate[]

Avryshire is located south of the Island; it is bordered in the West by Westonshire, in the North by Wiltingshire, and in the East by Eastonshire. The county has a total size of 766 square miles. It is irrigated by the river Ware and has traditionally been the "Granary of Bancairn", with rich soils enabling agriculture, mainly cereals. The average altitude is under 100 meters over sea level, and Avryshire has a beachy coastline, with only very few cliffs.

Temperatures in Avryshire are usually higher than in the rest of the Island, because of the influence of the Gulf Stream on the climate. At an average of 25° C in the summer, they make Avryshire a very attractive location for holidays, and have contributed to the region's tourist industry. Otherwise, the county experiences rather dry and calm weather.


Main article: Politics of Avryshire.

Avryshire has traditionally elected Conservatives and Republicans to Parliament, and this pattern is valid for local elections also, with both these parties ruling in the Avryshire County Council.

The county's administrative capital is Port Sarah. Though Avryshire is dependent on the central Government, it has its own police force.

Administrative divisions[]

Avryshire is divided into three districts; Avryham, Deaston, and Port Sarah, as well as 19 Communes.