After that day... my mind was split in two... to revert it... Thats why... That's why, you must pay!

~ Azul to Angelo in Chapter 9: Blue Fire.

Azul the Phoenix is Ignis Natus' awakening form and alter ego.

Title Azul the Phoenix
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown (2744)
Age 1 year old
Affiliation Gautama
Occupation Paladin
Relations Virgil Natus (father), Amanda Walpurgis (mother), Theodor de Ursa and Tenma Kazegami (teachers), Ignis Natus (alter ego), Angelo (rival)
Status Alive
Fighting Style Fire Sagecraft
Techniques Offensive:


First Appearance Chapter 8: Minds
Last Appearance Unknown
Theme Song
D Creation - Killdream HD

D Creation - Killdream HD


Height: Average.

Weight: Average.

Haircut: Long.

Hair Color: Dark Blue.

Eye Color: Deep Blue.

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