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Bancairn General Elections, 2007[]

The Bancairn General Elections were held on September 10th, September 17th and October 1st, 2007, respectively for the House of Commons, the Chamber, and the Ministry. The Premiership was won by Liberal Party candidate and former Minister for Economy Sarah Hoddings. It was the first Liberal premiership since Roy Atonstadt's in 1891, as well as the first female premiership in the history of the Bancairn Republic.

Pre-electoral processes[]

Since the end of 2006, talks had been held between the Conservatives and the Republicans on a possible alliance between them. The two parties, along with the Royalist Christians, finally came to an agreement and formed the United Right-Wing Parties Coalition on January 18, 2007. On January 23, the Labour Party of Bancairn, the Ecology Party, the Socialist Union and the leading Socialist Party announced that they would also be aligning in a coalition, the Social-Democratic Alliance. The Prime Minister, Henry Hartwinson announced the beginning of the campaigning process on February 1st, 2007.


All four parties began campaigning in middle or late February.

The Conservatives advocated tax cuts, full employment, and a reduction in the number of Ministry Delegates (see Ministry Delegations).

The Social-Democratic Alliance based its platform mainly on health care and the improvement of working conditions in industry sectors such as refining and construction. They were also the only party to campaign in favour of privatizing Republica Broadcasting Company.

The Liberal Party proposed a boost in the Education budget, an increase in Health care and a reform of the Administration, notably regarding voting rights and communication with Overseas residents.

The National Party, for its first campaign since 1974, campaigned for tougher measures against crime, the improvement of the education and health care services, and a re-establishment of Cairn citizen supremacy over foreigners.


The party primaries were held on June 12th. The UWRP (37%), the SDA (36%), the Liberal Party (18%) and the National Party (6%) qualified for Elections. The Truce Party (which many people believe is now defunct) received 1.5% percent of the vote.