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Barbol Library was the second largest library in the Selea Republic until its closure in 421. At its peak, the library contained nearly 7 million books on a large variety of subjects. It is inhabited only by the Faceless Ladies.



Barbol Library was first opened in 79 with a collection of only 422 books. The collection slowly grew, due to the lack of printing presses near Elsk Temar.

Purist Regime[]

The Purists closed many of the libraries in the Selea Republic, including Barbol Library, during their reign. About 15% of the collection was burned as anti-government propaganda, but the majority of the collection, about 6 thousand books in all, was saved by residents of the city.


Barbol Library quickly grew under the establishment of the Selea National Library. The collection exploded to 7 million books. In 412, a series of book thefts prompted the creation of the Faceless Ladies. The tragic death of Geo Volami triggered the library's final closing in 421.