Bartlett is a rural constituency of the Georgeland House of Commons, located in south-west Capitalia. The constituency is named for Edwin Bartlett, a 19th Century explorer. The seat was first created in 1903. The largest population centre is the town of Oglethorpe, with 9,600 people. The constituency has one of the smallest populations of any Georgeland electoral division at the federal level.
The current MP for Bartlett, elected in 2007, is Conservative Michael Armstrong, the federal Minister for the Environment. Armstrong is the first Conservative to hold the seat since 1963.

Members of Parliament

  1. Norman Mosley 1903-1912 (Conservative)
  2. Vincent Ellis 1912-1934 (Conservative)
  3. Stanley March 1934-1942 (Labour)
  4. William Kennedy 1942-1947 (Conservative)
  5. Allen Grick 1947-1958 (Labour)
  6. Antony Laws 1958-1963 (Conservative)
  7. Philip Frost 1963-1983 (Labour)
  8. Neville Hunter 1983-1989 (Democrat)
  9. Toby Albertson 1989-1995 (Labour)
  10. Scott Johnson 1995-2005 (Labour/Independent/Green)
  11. Aida Justin 2005-2007 (Liberal Democrat)
  12. Michael Armstrong 2007- (Conservative)
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