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The Battle for Glass Country was actually a series of battles betweeen Infania and the Glass Country, five main ones in total: Betca chang, Crowna Lanees, Sconta, Contra fields and Delata.


Betca chang[]

Infania thought it was going to be easy, but it was a bumpy ride. Being like Athens in acient Greece, Glass Country was a very peacful democratic country. Betca Chang was a fortress in Southern Glass Country with a small Garrison unprepared for any Infanian attack. The Infanians, thinking this was a strategic Stronghold for the taking, launched a disasterous assault which failed due to an Infernian messenger warning the Glassans of the attack.

Crowna Lanees[]

As time passed, Infania gradually began to build up an army once more. They met up with Glass country at Crowna Lanees, which started an endless chain of ruthless battles. Crowna Lanees was the first, it was ruthless and bloody, both sides began to wonder if it would ever end. On the 15th day, however, a pack of wolves, attracted to the battle by a full moon, attacked the Infanians and the Glassans took advantage of the panic to score a hard-fought Pyrrhic Victory, helped by Queen Sophiria of Nighta's Moon-Sorcery which attracted the wolves.


Even though the battle of Crowna Lanees was over, the Glass country's worries wern't. Queen Sophiria wasn't there to send help from the moon, as she was fighting her own battles, Copper State would be no help as it was under Nomian power and they hadn't heard from King Jacar in months, they looked doomed. But they didn't give up, they fought hard, and Queen Sophira sent as many troops as she could spare. The two sides met at a small village called Sconta. There the battle commenced. It was long and tiresome battle, as it was under a raging merciless sun. Many lives were claimed, but Glass country walked out as Victors. The battle was drawn to a close once more.

Contra fields[]

The large commanding army stepped forward. The Infanians began to doubt their power as the battle commenced, Glass country's men had planned out every single detail, they had the tactics on their side, they provided glass weapons that never shattered or broke. They managed to break the Infanian lines and attack from all sides, rendering the Infanians helpless. Infania once again beat a hasty retreat.


In the end Infania's Army beat the Glassan Army on a field near Delata. The Glass Country gave Infania a run for its money, they were a hard , steely opposition, who were not the democratic pushovers the Infanians had expected. However, although the Glass Countries troops were far superior, sheer numbers prevailed and the Glass Army Retreated into Infernia. The battle for Glass Country had been Lost.