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Battle of Talumze
Part of Nar-Kudam Wars
Date 16th Day, 7th Month, Nar 87
Location near Talumze, Lein fief, Nar Empire
Result Decisive Nar victory
Nar Empire (as Fief of the Lein) Kingdom of Kudam
Commanders and leaders
Lein Verasur berNamito Prince Kuniba, Prince Parasom †, Prince Sanasanir
12,000 infantry, 16,000 cavalry 35,000 infantry, 6,000 cavalry
Casualties and losses
2,800 killed, around 3,500 wounded more than 32,000 killed or captured

The Battle of Talumze (Itrani: Garzas ne-Talumze) was a battle in the war between the Nar Dynasty, represented by the Lein lords of the north, and the Kingdom of Kudam, during the 87th year of the Nar and the 66th year of the Lein's rule in the north.

A great victory for the Lein lords, this battle was historically important for several reasons: the sheer cost of the battle broke the power of the kingdom, which had been both a great annoyance and threat to the Empire since the middle 70s, removing the threat for the next 35 years; also, the battle was a great boost in the reputation of the relatively small Lein fief, especially compared with the dismal failures of other provinces in the defence of the Empire. This would later prove valuable political capital in the Lein's struggle for supremacy in the north, and eventually the whole, of the Nar Empire.