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Battle of Twin Planets
Part of Archivilli Arkhangelsk-Philliyic War
Location Cruosal and Readialus
Result Archivilli Arkhangelsk Loss, Philliyic Victory
Arkhangelsk Flag Archivilli Arkhangelsk Philliyic Flag Philliyic
Commanders and leaders
High General Crusaida Dinas Trythea Ur'phor
25,000 Soldiers

3 ODP's
2 Destroyers
1 Cruiser

145,000 Soldiers

10 Destroyers
6 Cruisers
2 Carriers

Casualties and losses
5,000 Soldiers

3 ODP's
1 Destroyer

15,000 Soldiers

The Battle of Twin Planets was the first battle of the Archivilli Arkhangelsk-Philliyic War, even though it was a loss for the Archivilli Arkhangelsk there was significant casualties dealt to the Philliyic especially on the ground. On Cruosal ground forces dealt significant damage to the Philliyic invasion force, and led a successful guerrilla campaign while they were occupied. Readialus held off the Philliyic for over 73 days until the Philliyic decided to finally just bombard the planet from space and ruin the planet completely.

The Battle[]

First Day[]

First contact with Philliyic ships began when the entire invasion fleet, jumped into the far orbit of Cruosal and Readialus, they sent ten Destroyers, six Cruisers, and two Carriers to take over both the planets. The immediate response from Arkhangelsk forces was to send a communique to the larger Arkhangelsk Royal Military Command.