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The Bay of Shallow (litteral translation from one of the native names) has long been regarded by historians of Newosweik as a cradle for civilisation, as the earliest of human artifacts, records, language and history date back to the first civilisations that inhabited the bay.

Geography and Climate[]

With a coastline stretching at a length comparable to that of the eastern side of Australia, Bay of Shallow features low-lying lands which are famous for their fertile soils which helped create an agricultural boom in the third century A.W. The climate is mild in summers and a bit dry, ranging temperatires from 10-25 degrees celcius while in winter this range moves down 5 degrees and rainfall reaches its peak.

Bay of shallow


The vegetation is mostly seasonal, including many of the crops humans have learned to harvest, and large seasonal forests with some evergreen trees can be found near the coasts. Further south, a plant related to Earth's vines appear in natural vineyards  interspersed by pockets of short blue-tinged grass. Abundant flowers intersperse the landscape, typically of bright colours which help reflect UV rays aiding them in photosynthesis in a way unknown to Earth scientists. This has led to native dwellers to seek protection against a double-reflection of UV rays when crossing wilderness (from the sun and from the vegetation) in the form of sunblock, of which the most commonly used is a vegetable oil created from processed blue grass, as it is known that this grass has a UV filtering substance in it's sap.

Fauna is relatively scarce compared to other areas of the continent of Nueva Tierra but nonetheless present. Pigmy boars roam the landscape sniffing out for underground beehives which are a succulent treat to many natives and rather large rodent-deer descended from Earth hamsters ruminate on blue grass and other varieties of vegetation, but there is a general abscence of primary predators, and consequently, most herbivores have small litters and experience long infancies. However, smaller animals are abundant, such as the Gallimimus which being the only dinosaur, hunts small prey such as chameleon geckoes and in turn they are hunted by owl of prey, owls which took some of the characteristics of modern eagles but retaining their night-vision and heads that can turn around with ease.

Human settlements, history[]

(more to come)

Even though nobody truly knows when the first inhabitants appeared on Nueva Tierra, or specifically on the Bay of Shallow, history started being written precisely here and years count from the first record of events (which is dubbed 0 A.W. (After Writing). Technically, that is the sistem used, but the event called The Wave is used as a refference point to which all other events are dated, so coincidentally, A.W. also means After Wave.