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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Members of the royal family can become invisible at will by tensing up. It is in a "different way" compared to the tensing that activates the spell Freeze time; this trigger involves considerably less fear. However, tensing up is a trigger only for getting out of trouble for a short while, since one can tire of being so tense within a short span of time. Therefore there is also a second trigger for this charm, which is basically putting the two hands together into prayer position in a hurry. In this alternate casting version, the sides of the caster's body disappear first, and the vanishing effect moves gradually inward, much like pulling a curtain across, until finally the center of the person has also vanished. The charm can be removed by doing the opposite. If a cloaked person were to move his/her hands out of position but not in that particular way, the person stays invisible.

Invisibility is highly useful in Lorica. It allows Qura and Altair to do their Probes without their enemy having so much as a clue that they are under investigation.

Invisibility leaves no shadows. It does however leave clear marks on non-air mediums (such as gaps in the water, footprints in the snow, fingerprints on glass). It also leaves high levels of magical residue which can be easily picked up by veae magia (magic sentry).