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Belfast is an electoral division of the Georgeland House of Commons, consisting mostly of the extremely wealthy, affluent and heavily Catholic district of Belfast in the Scoitan capital of Emilypolis. The seat has existed since 1958, and had always been held by a Conservative member before 2016. The seat has the highest per-capita income of any seat in the Georgeland parliament. 

Members of Parliament[]

  1. John Riley (Conservative) 1958-1987
  2. Jack Edwards (Conservative) 1987-1997
  3. Brian Stoat (Conservative) 1997-2002
  4. Lisa Chan (Conservative) 2002-2016
  5. Kent McDaniels (Georgeland Alliance ) 2016-2017
  6. Lisa Chan (Conservative) 2017-2019
  7. Brad Zimmerman (Rally for Freedom ) 2019-