Benia is a large region in the northwest of Itona. There are plains, hills, and lots of forests in Benia. To the northeast there are mountains. The Benians control six of them. They go into the mountains for mining. Mining is not a major trade though since they don't control most of the mountains. The most popular trade is blacksmithing. They import lots of iron from Konoa and they make it into weapons then export the weapons south and eastward. Benians are the most strategic and smart society of all of the races in Itona. This is because of their leaders teachings. They also make very well built forts.

Another popular trade is woodcutting because there are lots of trees. All peasant houses are made of timber and have six rooms. There are three floors in an average Benian house. On the first floor there is a hearth in a living room where families discuss important things. On the second floor there is the kitchen and a dining room. There is also a room with toys for the children. On the third floor there are two bedrooms. One bedroom is for the children. The other is for adults.

The Benians have conquered many lands because of their strategy. They have land in the mountains because they took it over from the Konoans. They also expanded their borders southeastward and invaded Namonul. They practically wiped them out because they took over their trade routes and major trade centers.

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