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Full Name Bethany Cassandra Doyle
Nickname Beth
Race Unknown
Occupation High School Student
Age Claims 15
Birthdate December 22
Address 372 Azure Palissade
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Family Sanira Doyle, mother

Basic Info[]

A teenage girl who helps her mom out around the house when she's not in school.

Physical Appearance[]

Her hair is definitely darker than her mother's. She's also probably not going to be as tall either. Her eyes are a green base, but one can see some blue in them too.

Current State[]

Friendly and out going, willing to make friends in her new environment.


Very modern girl, she knows all about the most up to date music and fashions. She's sometimes even ahead of the curve.


She's admitted her dad was a firefighter and died during one of his fires.

She's also admitted that her best friend lives in Florida, but she's never given a name.


She's making friends in the town, but the topics of conversation are always mundane and rather impersonal.




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