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Big Brother's Georgeland edition has aired four seasons, in 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005. The 2003 season was cancelled due to falling ratings, but the show was revived for a further season in 2004. The show was not aired in 2005, but Big Brother IV began airing on June 9, 2006 and aired until September.
Disappointment with the ratings decline led to Channel Twelve's decision to shelve the program indefinitely in early 2007. The network has announced it has no plans to air a new series of the program.

First Series (2001)[]

The first series was hosted by Jo Scali and was broadcast from the Big Brother House located in Santa Christina. The series winner was Byron Dodge, 25, a mechanic and surfer from Chipwich.

Second Series (2002)[]

Scali once again hosted the series, though the new House was located in Lylecity, where it has remained since. The winning contestant was 23-year old Cathy Graville, a psychology student. The second series was the first to feature 'intruders'; others brought in from outside.

Third Series (2004)[]

Scali opted out of the hosting role, and was replaced by two hosts, Simon Blum and Rebekah Kite. The third series winner was Dianne Jones, a nurse who at the age of 41 was the oldest contestant to appear on the show. Fletcher Madden was also a contestant, who later gained fame as an activist for human rights and as a candidate for Governor of Long Island. The third series featured a variety of different voices as 'Big Brother', among them President Charlotte Lang

Fourth Series (2006)[]

The Fourth series, again hosted by Blum and Kite, began its airing in June 2006. New 'innovations' included celebrity intruders and a weekly 'competition' among housemates, usually involving food and humiliation. The show ended in August, with Emilypolis university student Rachel Jones becoming the series winner.