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William Llewellyn "Bill" Mountjoy (6 Sep 1932-25 May 1979) was an English-born Drakian property developer and the founder of North Atlantic Properties, Ltd. Within 10 years of founding the company, he had developed much of Glendale and its suburbs, and plans were underway for further development to continue after his sudden death.

Mountjoy was born in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, the son of George and Gladys (Phelps) Mountjoy. The family immigrated to the Drake Islands in 1951, but Mountjoy stayed in England to study law. After graduating, he moved back to the Drake Islands and began his practice in Glendale.

In 1971, Mountjoy stepped down from his practice and founded North Atlantic Properties along with Howard Sloan and Peter Kinley. At the time, immigration was continuing into the Drake Islands, but development was struggling to keep up with the growing demand. Mountjoy began to purchase property in and around Glendale. He developed the downtown area and expanded Glendale University and other educational institutions. He set aside land for recreational purposes. The suburbs of Sennitt Beach and Clarendon were established as a result of his development. He developed plans for urban development, allowing cities and towns to grow in an orderly manner.

As North Atlantic Properties enjoyed great success in developing Jefferson Island, Mountjoy began developing Davidson Island and Gold Island. As with Jefferson Island, Mountjoy set out plans for cities and towns to begin and grow. In 1978, Davidson Island University began its ambitious expansion project through North Atlantic Properties. Soon, the other islands joined Jefferson Island in the development of the Drake Islands.

With the success at home, Mountjoy began to expand his business to the United States and Canada. In May 1979, Mountjoy travelled to Chicago to purchase nearby property; he also announced plans for development in the Los Angeles area. However, on 25 May 1979, Mountjoy was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 191 when it crashed after take-off from O'Hare International Airport, killing him and all others on board.

After his death, Sloan took over the company and ran it until 1984, when Russell Bentley, Mountjoy's nephew, took over the company.

Mountjoy married Elizabeth Clifford (1926-1999) in Glendale in 1962; the couple were childless.