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The Hon. William John "Bill" Williamson (b. March 21, 1940) is a former Speaker of the Georgeland House of Commons. He was a Member of the House of Commons representing the seat of Romphumburg in West Mainland from 1983 to 2008.


Hon. Bill Williamson, MP

Williamson was first elected to the Commons in 1983 following a legal career. Williamson was a member of the Democratic Party of the United Islands for most of his career, switching to the new Liberal Democrats upon their formation in 2004.
Williamson held a number of ministerial posts in and out of cabinet under Prime Ministers Noel Quarton, Charlton Robards and Michael Elderton. In 1997, he was elected Deputy Leader of the Democrats under Andrea Perkins and became Minister for Transport; he was later transferred to become the Minister for Social Security. In 2002, following Perkins' departure, Williamson declined to run for leader and retired to the back bench.
In April 2006, he was returned to the ministry under Zoë Parker as Special Minister of State but resigned from that post in August 2006 when he was elected to replace Andrew Hindle as Speaker. At 66, he is the oldest speaker for 40 years. After his election, Williamson announced his current term in Parliament would be his last. He retired at the 2008 election.