Bjorgenes (Italian: Biorginia) is an oversea territory of Italy, located at the North of Europe. Although it is close to some Nordic countries, like Norway, Faroe Islands and Aadenland, it is not part of the Nordic region as it is an oversea territory of Italy, however used to be part of the Nordic region till 2018. 

Bjorgenes is an island located just off the Fennoscandian Peninsula; it is a generally warm country, compared to some Nordic countries. Temperatures range from 15-31 degrees, and in the North, it tends to rain a lot, while having heat at the same time, whilst in the south, there is hardly any rain. 

Bjorgenes has an area of a 2467 square kilometres. The population of Bjorgenes is around 456,344 and the population density is around 184 people per square kilometer, which is relatively dense, close to Italy's population density, which is 204 people per square kilometres.

The first Norse people invaded what was known as Nei Rekkr Land, which literally translates to No Warrior's Land. They founded the isolated country at around 85BC and soon made it as their home. The capital, Fredericia, was named after a famous Biorgini queen, Queen Fredericia I, who was the first queen to ever rule Bjorgenes. She was declared queen after the Italian Invasion in 1946, just after the WW2. It was soon declared as an oversea territory of Italy in 4 May 1947, however was still part of the Nordic region. In 29 November 2018, Bjorgenes left the Nordic Region for two reasons, one was that the country was part of Italy and not any other Nordic country so it was quite irrelevant to speak Norwegian and Svalbeigish in an Italian oversea territory. The other reason was because the currency was Euro, whilst mainly the currency in the Nordic region was Krone. In 2023, Bjorgenes will be a republic country. 

The current capital city is Fredericia, with a population of around 165,290. Fredericia was declared as the capital of Bjorgenes since 4 May 1947, when Bjorgenes was converted to an oversea territory of Italy. In Norwegian and Svalbeigish languages, it is often recognised as Frederice. Fredericia is the governmental capital of the country and is the hub to nearly all economies.



A barbarian cave

Bjorgenes was first discovered in 85BC, when the first Germanic people from Norway founded an island just offshore the coast. They thought that it would be the best hideout from other empires. And so they named the island Nei Rekkr Land. The Germanic people were barbaric, and made caves as their home. Some of the barbarians lived on the peak of the Ossempio Hills at the east. The barbarians created states and the name of the states depicted the name of the tribe, like the Uggerbians of Uggerland. By then, there were 12 tiny states that were created by the barbarians.

Ossempio ruins

As you can see, these are the ruins of the barbarians, situated in the Ossempio Hills. Nowadays, tourists go there for trekking and sightseeing these caves through these sandy hills.

From 560AD, the vikings invaded Nei Rekkr Land and destroyed the barbarians and their caves. The ruins of the caves can be still seen at the Ossempio Hills, known as the Ossempio Ruins. Many vikings migrated from Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Sweden, to live in this country. The vikings influenced the country by transporting goods by longships, eating fish and build stave churches. Also, since the country did not have a city, the vikings declared Thurlebekkr (Fredericia) as the capital city and built many other cities, like Sarivik (Sivilguuri) and Artadskali (Barucassia). The country has been a Norse country until 1947 and was ruled respectedly by the Kingdom of Norway, therefore making it an oversea territory of Norway. The country was changed to Bjorgenes.

Italy-Norway War

The Italy-Norway war was the second deadliest war in Northern Europe, after the Independence War in 1902 at Aadenland.

All was well, until in 28 August 1945, two months after WW2, Italy marched to Bjorgenes and asked if they would claim Bjorgenes as their territory, and if Norway agreed, then he promised to give them money and if not, then he would declare war. Norway disagreed and soon Italy and Norway set off for war. It was taken place in Bjorgenes at a town called Cenimpe. The war was so deadly that nearly 1/2 of the people in Bjorgenes died and 1/3 of the country's men died, due to the amount of chemicals and radioactive waves that had taken place. Because of the scenario that had taken place, Norway and Italy were forced to retreat, however Norway gave permission to Italy to claim Bjorgenes as their country because Norway would knew that Italy would make a bright future. What's more was that the Italian army was led by Armina Fredericia (1934-2014), who was the youngest and first woman to fight in a war. Armina was declared queen of Bjorgenes and was crowned as Fredericia I, thus naming the capital city after her.

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