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Blair Hatfield is the current Tresurer of the United Federation of Saydney. A Member of the Executive Council, Councilor Hatfield is a trsuted friend and advisor to the President

Hatfield is also known for his activism on Gay and Lesbian issues, being a well known member of that community.


b. Our Lady of Grace Hospital for Women, Isabella, New Spain, 8th of November 1957

Hernandez Public School, 1970-1976

Graduated from Vantoro Academy, Bachelor of Communications: Journalism, 1982

Reuters Journalist, 1982-1985

Member State Congress, Isabella West, SDC, 1985-1993

State Minister for Transportation, 1990-1992

State Minister for Education, 1993-1997

Member of State Council, 1993-1997

Member of High Council, 1998-

Minister for Communications and Tele-Communications 1998-1999

Minister for the Interior, 1999-2001

Minister for Foreign Affairs, 2001-2003

Minister for Trade, 2001-2003

Treasurer, 2003-