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Blood Magic, Blood Bending or Blood Manipulation is a magical art passed through the darah generations.

Blood Magic
Blood Magic
Merelly illustrative image
Type: Magic
Class: Supernatural Ability
Creator: Darah vampires
Variants: Human style


Using their supernatural abilities, the darah are able to control blood cells, bending them to implode enemies or even form objects (such as weapons).

Due to it's sinister nature - and the fact that using one's own blood to attack is not exactly the best option in a fight - blood magic is forbidden in most of Elysion, except in the Forbidden Realm of Hell.



  • Blood Needles: The user creates several needles of his own blood and throw it at the opponent.
  • Blood Spear: The user creates a spear made of his own blood.
  • Blood Blade: The user creates a blade made of his own blood which danifies his skin and tissues.


  • Bloody Hug: The user first bearhugs the opponent, then creating several blades of blood all over his body.
  • Blood Flash: The user forms a ball of his own blood on his hands which throw many continuous blood beams which penetrate the enemy's skin. May also be used to suck the opponent's blood.


  • Implosion: Bending the opponent's blood, the user is able to expand a blood sphere on it's interior.


  • Suicide Blood Bomb: The user explodes all of his blood cells, along with his own body and the land surrounding.
  • A Thousand Blood Spears: The user creates several spears made of blood and throw it at the opponent.