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Robert Gordon Kane III (usually referred to as Bob Kane) (b. October 5, 1940) is a Georgeland politician and member of the House of Commons for the East Mainland seat of Birde, which he has represented since 1982. Kane has a law degree which he earned part-time over a decade; he never graduated high school, instead running his father's business after the elder Kane died in 1955. Kane ran the small business, a mechanic's shop, for 27 years until he handed control of the business to his brother in 1982 in order to stand for Parliament at the 1982 by-election for Birde as a Conservative, which he won.
Kane has been the Chief Opposition Whip, in charge of party discipline, since 1997. He shows no signs of wishing to leave the job and has stated he does not want to be a minister. Kane never served as Chief Government Whip, since the Tory government of 1999 never sat in Parliament, though Kane was still chief whip at the time.
Kane is known as a significant power-broker or 'king maker' within the Tory party. He is considered to be a "dry"; that is, on the right-wing of the party.
Mr. Kane married Elizabeth Foster in 1974; they have two sons, James and Colin, who now run the mechanic's shop in River's Gate.