Constructed Worlds Wiki


Tag(s) Strike craft
Purpose(s) Bomber
General statistics HP: 65
Max armament(s) 2x Fusion warhead
1x Antimatter missile
Max complement(s) 1x Kinetic drive
1x Suprakinetic drive
1x Full spectrum sensor array
Miscellaneous notes

Bombers were useful from the start in targeting larger enemy crafts. Though bombs are easily intercepted by interceptor fire, they are also just about the most useful tools in any arsenal for quickly devastating flagships and megaliths. Though they have limited bombing capacities, being able to hold only so many as a payload, those weapons can cause a tremendous amount of damage in a short period of time, making quick work of any force not equipped with the means to eradicate a bomber squadron. They are highly evasive, making them invulnerable to bombs and harder to hit by larger, slower-turning turrets. However, their small size and light armor make them easy targets for those same interceptors as well as any smaller turrets. Bombers are, like interceptors, too small to be able to hyperspace.