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Country Viaska
Population 104,550
Nailsmark County
Kipriae Island
Main Industries Power
Unemployment 1%

Borvald is a city in Nailsmark County, Viaska. It is located on the East Coast, and is part of the East Coast Metropolitan Area. It is just south along the coast from Ostena, and just north of Katerinvald.


Borvald is a very young city, founded in 1980 to house workers of the newly built Lyde , and expanded subsquently to house workers of the newer power plants at Politex (completed 1990) and Saint-Helene (completed 1992). After the construction of Politex Power Plant, Borvald reached a population of 104,000 - making it the largest settlement in Nailsmark County, and securing it's City Status in 1993.


Borvald is located on the East Coast, sandwiched between the coast and Lake Maar (on which the city's three power plants are located). The area it is located is very flat and low-lying, although the Kipriae Mountains are visible on a clear day looking westwards.


The largest employers in the city are the three power plants. Together, these power plants provide the energy for 70% of Viaska's energy needs. The main road through the city, called Eirik Avenue, houses some commerce. There is one shopping centre, called the Borvald Centre on the town square.


Borvald is located in Nailsmark County, and is its largest city. The city planners divided the city itself into four departments: North, East, South and West Borvald, separated by the main roads crossing the city.

Urban Area[]

Borvald Urban Area
Borvald City 104,550
Saint-Helene 5,010
Lyde 992
Politex 9,214
TOTAL 119,766

The Borvald Urban Area consists of the city of Borvald, as well as the adjacent villages of Saint-Helene and Lyde, and the adjacent port town of Politex.


Borvald City FC are the city's football team, currently playing in the Viaskan First Division. Apart from this, Borvald is largely devoid of sports teams, although the possible formation a Rugby team is on the cards.


The East Coast Highway links Borvald to Ostena to the north, and Katerinvald to the south. There is the Nabon Highway which extends from the west of the city, and transverses largely unpaved to some of the small settlements in the Central Kipriae Mountains.

Borvald Station on the rail network serves the city. Politex rail station is the next station north on the line to Ostena Central rail station, and to the south the line divides in two, with one line going to Vorgrad and one to Katerinvald.